11 Innovative Inventions by Mercedes-Benz


The story of Mercedes-Benz is a history lesson that teaches perseverance and the value of striving for continuous advancement. Today, Mercedes-Benz is world-renowned for its incredible engineering and supreme luxury. Here are just a few of their very important contributions to drivers everywhere:


1. We’ll start with the most obvious contribution: The 1886 Benz “Motorwagen” was the first gasoline-powered automobile, with three wheels and a rear-mounted single-cylinder engine.

2. Mercedes-Benz won the first automobile race in 1894.

3. They were also responsible for the first female driver. Bertha Benz promoted her husband’s invention by taking it on a 120-mile tour (without his prior knowledge!).

4. In 1931, the Mercedes 170 featured the first-ever fully independent wheel suspension and a brand new hydraulic braking system.

5. In 1949, they implemented the first conical-pin door lock. This strong lock prevent the doors from opening in an accident, helping to keep passengers safe.

6. Did you know they are also responsible for the first car crash testing program? In 1958, Mercedes-Benz was the first to make each new model go through an increasingly rigorous regimen of crash tests to ensure safety.

7. At a time when all other automotive companies were still using chemicals dangerous both to drivers and to the environment, Benz recognized the dangers and created a CFC-free climate control system. (Mercedes-Benz continues to strive to be earth-friendly today: It’s entire car lineup will be electric by 2022.)

8. Mercedes-Benz was awarded the patent for keyless entry technology in 1997 and were the first to introduce the smart key system with their Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

9. They also invented the groundbreaking PRESAFE® System. This helps prepare passengers for accidents before they even happen by detecting certain imminent collisions. During the few seconds leading up to an impact, the PRESAFE® System can do things like snug seat belts, adjust head restraints, and close windows and the sunroof to optimize safety.

10. Mercedes-Benz ups the standard yet again with Attention Assist. After a certain length of driving time, this system is able to detect signs of drowsiness in the driver (using sensors that detect movement of the steering wheel, activity with settings, etc.). If the driver is showing signs of drowsiness, the system audibly alerts them that they should take a break.

11. Further enhancing the PRESAFE® System, Mercedes-Benz creates PRESAFE® Sound. If an impending collision is detected, a pink noise is triggered to protect human ears from hearing damage during noise of the collision.