The Mercedes-Benz Club of America

The Mercedes-Benz Club of America is a not-for-profit exclusive luxury club, with its main objective being to reignite that feeling of pure thrill in buying your first Mercedes-Benz, and stretching it to last a lifetime. You, as well as 30,000 other Mercedes-Benz owners and lessees in the country, can continue to make the very most of your experience, build new friendships with a sense of like-minded camaraderie, and explore your passions.

History and Foundation

If you were look back to 1952, you would find that a mere 34 Mercedes-Benz automobiles had been registered in the United States. Few but mighty, these drivers were so enthusiastic about the brand, one of the most revered luxury vehicle brands in the world, that they set to work creating a club.

In 1955, a doctor living in Summit, New Jersey, Milton J. Allen, reached out to Daimler-Benz’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. He received permission to use the brand’s name, logo and trademark to form a club in the United States. The very same year, a small group of Mercedes-Benz owners in Chicago were in the process of forming their own organization. Both groups were officially established and chartered the next year, 1956. Soon after, another club formed in the West. In 1959, all three groups came together under the name Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc., finally launching a truly national club.

This passion of a handful of owners has since grown into a massive community with a staggering 30,000 members and 85 sections spread throughout North America. Men and women residing in the United States, Canada, and 22 foreign countries including Argentina, Brazil, Norway and New Zealand have all found an exciting way to celebrate and share their enthusiasm for the brand, while enjoying exclusive perks, discounts, and content.

Member Benefits

Members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America not only get to enjoy life-long friendships intertwined with an enriched ownership experience, they gain access to a long list of unique advantages. Participation in casual and competitive events, special insider access and resources, inclusion in special social functions, tours and vacations, and much more are all rolled in to your membership.

Club members are able to enter into bi-annual raffles with massive prizes, including brand new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, enough cash to purchase your favorite model on your own, exciting and lavish vacations, and Mercedes-Benz merchandise. Odds of winning are reportedly about 1 in 3,500, but members can enter into a drawing as many times as they’d like.

Membership benefits also include exclusive opportunities for taking club-organized vacations. For example, 2020 members are invited to take a trip to Germany for a first-class European vacation full of VIP tours. Participants will be at the heart of the rich history of Mercedes-Benz, exploring otherwise-restricted facilities, museums, assembly plants, as well as many European landmarks.

Mercedes-Benz Club of America members are also invited to partake in many other local, regional and national events. Whether you choose to visit five-star destinations across the United States and Canada, or simply enjoy events already happening near you, there are hundreds of events to choose from every year. Members can don their driving gloves and bring out their inner-child on a competitive autocross, high-performance track, or find a calmer pleasure in safe-driving education courses. Rough-up your tire tread while racing against the clock, test your navigational skills in open-road rallies, test drive brand new models not yet released to the public, or participate in a driving school course for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drivers. Mingle at social gatherings like group barbecues, sporting events and holiday parties, brush up on your knowledge at technology sessions, attend exclusive car shows and more all while rubbing shoulders with the world’s largest group of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. 

Members are also able to enjoy impressive discounts and privileges. The United States Mercedes-Benz Loyalty Rewards Program allows those who have been members for at least 12 consecutive months to receive $500.00 off the purchase or lease price of any new Mercedes-Benz vehicle (with a few exclusions, of course). Similarly, the Airstream Loyalty Rewards Program allows members to save $500.00 when purchasing a new Airstream Autobahn or Interstate. Members also have access to an additional 5% discount when insuring their collector cars through Hagerty, one of the premier collector vehicle insurance providers. Your coverage will be tailored to a specific policy that best protects your Mercedes-Benz. Club members also enjoy 15% discounts on hard-to-find parts from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California, as well as additional discounts on parts, service, and accessories at participating Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Take advantage of 10% off vehicle transportation services from Passport Transport, the preferred transportation center of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, as well as 15% off fine clothing and accessories from Brooks Brothers. Leading medical transportation industry, MedJet Assist, also provides club members with preferred pricing for emergency medical transport and life-saving evacuation services.

Membership includes seemingly countless programs and member-exclusive resources, whether you want to drive, learn, or simply enjoy the real and virtual company of people who love the Mercedes-Benz brand as much as you do. Dive into a post-war model directory, compete in judged classes, participate in Concours D’Elegance shows, excellence awards and silver star preservation, join the Ladies of Mercedes, read exclusive writings, resources, museum guides, watch technical how-to sessions, and so much more as new programs and events are continuously added.

The National Enthusiast Committee also connects club members with pre-and-post-war restoration and technical experts. Ask for lessons and advice in restoring your vintage Mercedes-Benz model, and thus, reviving your dreams.

Finally, members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America receive a subscription to the exclusive bi-monthly magazine, The Star. In 2012 alone, this Mercedes-Benz magazine was awarded 14 separate “Best Of” medals from the International Automotive Hall of Fame for excellence in writing, design, production, graphics and photography. Additionally, members receive a section newsletter including reminders and feature stories about events both upcoming and recently completed, a list of your section’s officers and their contact information, as well as an event calendar for the next three months. Club members are also granted access to sell Mercedes-Benz merchandise, goods and services through both The Star and through Classified Ads, allowing you to avoid chaos and directly reach drivers who are serious about the Mercedes-Benz brand.

How to Join

Membership to the Mercedes-Benz Club of America is astonishingly affordable and pain-free. Owners and lessees alike have the options between a 1 year program ($55), 2 years ($107), or 3 years ($157).

To learn more information and read full rules and restrictions, visit, or talk to one of our professionals at Mercedes Peoria by calling 309-243-7000. We will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have, and proudly welcome you to the Mercedes-Benz Club community.

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