2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Launch at the Courtyard Concert Series!

Autohaus of Peoria is excited to announce our Mercedes-Benz A-Class Launch Event! The event will take place on Saturday, June 1st at the Courtyard Concert Series in Peoria Heights! Join our event on Facebook! 

Six months of Saturday night concerts under the stars.

Craft beer + craft BBQ.
Old friends. New friends.
A lifetime of memories.
Welcome to your summer of music.


Follow closely as we add every amazing show as an event on Facebook so you can get to know each artist and plan to catch as many concerts in the courtyard as possible with us!

Live music. Zero cover. All season long.

As we head into our fourth season of the Courtyard Concert Series, Pour Bros. continues to be humbled by the incredible response from our community. Bringing six months of top-notch local, regional and national artists to Heritage Square every Saturday would be impossible without your continued patronage. From the bottom our hearts, thank you.

Dinner and a show.

This year we are excited to welcome a very special addition to our series that will keep your bellies full and your soul quenched.

Slow Hand Craft BBQ, our (pour) bros. from another mother, will be smoking up a storm this summer so you can enjoy fast casual gourmet craft BBQ in minutes. No need to cook dinner first; just grab some Slow Hand and bring it down to the courtyard or into Pour Bros. anytime the hunger hits you.

Farm-to-courtyard craft BBQ.
All summer long.

Support live music and live music will support you. See you out there!